How to download your Facebook history

Saving Facebook Messenger conversations and page comments could be a vital piece of the jigsaw when it comes to creating a body of evidence.

Many investigators, police and lawyers will want your social media history and quite often need to take your devices. Your Facebook history contains everything from your messages, posts, photos, chats and pretty much everything you do with your profile.

If you want to ensure you have conversations and messages from other people then this is the way to capture them. You can then add them to your PRESERVED log.


From your home page, you'll find settings under the main menu which looks like a small downwards arrow.

GO TO 'YOUR FACEBOOK INFORMATION' You'll now see a few options. Click on view alongside 'Download your information' - from here you will be able to choose the information you want to download.


You'll need to choose four things - the date range of the data you want, the file type, the media quality and the types of information.

A JSON file is probably best for the purposes of capturing information. It's a commonly accepted file format that can be imported elsewhere.


You will now need to wait for the file to be prepared. Facebook will inform you when this part is complete.


This is where you'll see the file ready for download - be aware though, it's only available for a few days, so make note of the date and be sure to keep going back to capture updated information.

Your file will now be downloaded to your computer. Even if you get locked out of your account you'll still have this record of all of the activity on your Facebook account