How to save voicemails from your iPhone

Voicemails left on your iPhone can be saved and used as evidence. Here's how to capture them as a file from your iPhone.

Why would you want to save a voicemail? Why not just leave it on your phone?

You never know what could happen to your phone or any backups you have made and you're sure to need that voicemail at a later date. Even if you back up to a computer, you would benefit from keeping your voicemails separately within PRESERVED so you can share them with others at a later date. That way they don't need to access - or take away - your phone from you if you need to share vital information or evidence.

With a separate and independent voicemail file, it's always good insurance.

How to save and share your voicemail

When saving a voicemail it becomes a .m4a file, which is a standard audio file.

You can add this to your notes or email it someone. Importantly, you can add this to your PRESERVED log too. That way it can be transcribed and saved as an entry with the date and time.

To save your voicemail message as a note or voice memo, or to share it using Messages, Mail, or AirDrop:

  • Go to Phone > Voicemail.

  • Tap the voicemail message that you'd like to save, then tap the share button.You can see this is the one highlighted in the image above.

  • Choose Notes or Voice Memos, or PRSRVD then save your voicemail message.

  • To send your voicemail choose Messages, Mail, or AirDrop, then type and send your message with the attached voicemail.

  • You can also share the voicemail by tapping an AirDrop contact.