PRESERVED for private investigators

An essential tool for private investigators to manage case files and create investigation evidence.

PRESERVED makes it easy to manage your cases, help you to provide clients with credible evidence and save time and resources collating vital court or police reports. 

  • Create multiple case files all on one device

  • Capture images, video, voice 

  • Scan documents and transcribe voice

  • Provide secure access to your clients

  • Easily export as a court ready document

  • Log location, weather and time stamps

  • Add comments and observations

Include PRESERVED as part of your clients services, providing a fully branded solution to help them supply you with evidence more effectively - saving you time and resources.

No need to manually gather key information or pay for services to do so on your behalf.

Provide the information you need without having to meet your client in person.

Available to individual users in the app store or as an enterprise option for larger teams.